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You can find tons of information about acne here and there in the Internet. But first, let’s define the condition. What is acne? “Acne” is the commonly used term. The definition is: a chronic disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Sounds scary, yes? Let’s try it in other words.

Acne appears when your pores are clogged by sebum (also known as whiteheads and blackheads). All acne begins when your hair follicle (the place where your face or body hair grows from) becomes plugged with oil and bacteria. Your skin continues to produce more oil, bacteria flourishes within the swollen follicle. The surrounding skin becomes increasingly inflamed as your white blood cells fight against the intruders.

Most teenagers and a good number of adults suffer from acne for more or less extended periods of time. The condition is not confined to any age group, race, or sex. It affects hundreds of millions of people across the world. The biggest problems with acne are the unpleasant look of pimples and the scars they may leave behind.

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Acne Skin Care

However there are a lot of acne skin care tips that can help people get rid of acne and prevent acne. The first acne skin care rule is: keep your skin clean! While the hormonal causes of this condition cannot be addressed by simple washing, you can still prevent excess sebum from clogging pores and grime and bacteria from accumulating into them. Thus, at the cost of a couple of minutes every day, you can actually stop acne from running wild and popping up everywhere it feels like. Still, this is not very simple rule. There are certain things to avoid.

Avoid using hot or cold water on your face. Facial skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your skin and should never be washed with anything else than lukewarm water. Some people with acne may try to stop outbreaks and oil production by scrubbing their skin and using strong detergent soaps and rough scrub pads. However, scrubbing will not improve acne; in fact, it can make the problem worse.

Avoid the use of soap or other cleansing chemicals. Soap will disrupt the natural balance of facial skin by removing too much sebum and leaving the skin dry and unprotected. It will also leave behind a film of substance that can easily clog the pores and cause the acne you are trying to avoid.

Do Not Squeeze Pimples!

This is #2 acne skin care rule: do not squeeze pimples. Yes, they are a tempting target for squeezing or picking open in what may be seen as a futile attempt to get rid of acne. However, squeezing and picking is exactly what you should refrain from doing because it will only make everything worse. Depending on the type of acne you are suffering from and on your face skin type, pimples that have been picked or squeezed open can turn to scars, leaving an unpleasantly looking skin behind.

I know that you heard this advice a million times, but do try to keep your hands away fro your face. For one thing, your hands have a lot of germs and bacteria, mainly because the hands are the most exposed part of the body, the limbs with which you grab and use all manner of not very clean objects. This means that bringing your hands in contact with your face skin is guaranteed to transfer a load of germs and bacteria from the hand to the face. Worse, all these germs and bacteria are transferred exactly in the area where your squeezing is opening a breach in the skin.

Acne and Shaving

Another acne skin care advise is careful shaving. If you have to shave, then be very careful about it. Run a test on yourself and see if which type of razor is better for you. I’d say that electric razors are the thing to use if you suffer from acne, but each man knows better what works in his case. You can test both electric and safety razors to see which is more comfortable. Shave gently and avoid opening up existing lesions.

Acne and Make-up

Cosmetics are one of the minor roots of acne. If you’re going through an acne treatment, then choose only oil-free cosmetics or else the good effect is wasted. You should also run tests on yourself and see which cosmetics do not clog your pores. Watch out for side-effects if you use products whose labels say “designed not to clog pores”. All cosmetics should be oil free, when in doubt read the label. Oily hair products may eventually spread over the forehead, causing closed comedones. Products that are labeled as noncomedogenic (do not promote the formation of closed pores) should be used; in some people, however, even these products may cause acne. So be careful with makeup.

Sun Skin Care

Yes, a suntan would look lovely on you, but you should learn to do without for a while. The risks of sun exposure are not acceptable when you realize that the sun does not cure acne. UV rays simply dry the outer layers of your skin and cause it to peel away. However, once you are away from the sun, acne will return. Prolonged exposure will also make you a certain candidate for skin cancer.

A good defense against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays is the application of sunscreens that can be bought in most stores. When you apply sunscreens to kids or babies, make sure that it has no negative effects on their skins. It is also wise to apply it in small doses because babies’ skins are very sensitive. It is important to apply sunscreens on their whole body, including the feet.

Herbal Acne Skin Care

Did you know that certain herbs can also help you stop and prevent acne? Yes, they do. Skin experts and herbalists from all over the world recommend natural acne treatment products. But you should make sure you use proper herbal products that do not have side effects. These are a few examples of herbs that may help you get rid of acne:

  • Dandelion
    Dandelion is a common meadow herb of the Asteraceae or sunflower family that has general detoxifying qualities, making it effective in the treatment of skin blemishes. This common yard plant contains much that is beneficial to our bodies: bitter compounds, choline, inulin, minerals such as calcium, sodium, silicic acid, sulfur, and a high concentration of potassium and in the fresh leaves. In acne skin care and cosmetics, it helps clear up acne, eczema, and other skin eruptions.
  • Burdock
    Burdock is a thistled plant native to the Northern USA, Europe and Asia. The roots and leaves of this plant have been used for centuries as a remedy against skin cancer, acne, eczema, and other skin ailments and diseases. For centuries, Burdock oil has been used to produce Burdock herbal medicines. Modern studies indicate that Burdock root oil extract is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids (including rare long chain EFAs), the nutrients required to maintain healthy skin.
  • Echinacea Purpurea
    Echinacea acts as a stimulant to the immune system by increasing the production of specific types of white blood cells and strengthening human cell walls so bacteria and viruses have a harder time getting into cells. Using this herb can protect one against inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Acne Skin Care Products

You can help take care of your skin with the proper herbs. We have listed a few herbs above, but there are much more that may help you get rid of acne and make your skin beautiful again. Aside from herbal pills that are effective in making the skin look healthy, there are suggested foods or diet regimen that not only helps in improving bodily health but also the glow of the skin. However no one can guarantee the diet will help you stop and prevent acne. You can find more information in our Diet and Acne review. If you are looking for a guaranteed solution, you can take a look at the herbal products. Moreover, the real Acne Skin Care is not in the herbal products alone. You should look for the complete systems that attack both the causes and the effects of acne anywhere on your body.

This usually comes with deep facial and deep body washes designed to work from the outside by unclogging the pores and washing the dirt and bacteria from your skin. Next comes the inside attack as herbal pills help your body kill bacteria before they have a chance of turning a follicle into a pimple. And last, but not least, are the facial and body protection creams that keep your skin free from renewed acne attacks. The following are 2 systems that take care of all the aspects that make acne such a problem. You can find more products at our Compare Acne Products page but none of them are complete acne treatment systems.

Clear Pores#1 Clear Pores

The ClearPores Acne Skin Care System caught our eye with its backing by the studies of American doctors, European herbalists and independent review sites. It is not an ordinary acne treatment. The ClearPores System comes with deep facial and deep body washes designed to work from the outside by unclogging the pores and washing the dirt and bacteria from your skin. Next comes the inside attack as herbal pills help your body kill bacteria before they have a chance of turning a follicle into a pimple. These akne skin care ingredients are perfectly safe and their effects on human skin have been thoroughly tested by both ClearPores experts and independent researchers. And if this was not enough, the product is backed by an amazing 6-month money back guarantee that makes usage virtually risk free for you.

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Healthy Pores#2 Healthy Pores

The HealthyPores™ package contains 3 different products that used in combination give your skin the best opportunity to appear healthy, shiny and young. We can’t escape the damaging effects that exist around us that all take their toll on our protective layer. HealthyPores™ allows people to give themselves the very best chance to combat the elements and provide their skin with what it needs to sustain its health. Although the HealthyPores is backed by medical endorsments, it only deals with facial acne. Acne can and does appear on the chest, back and upper arms, which means that products dealing only with facial acne are not enough. This makes it only #2.

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Basically, acne means that increased sebum production ends up clogging the pores on your skin, which allows bacteria to flourish inside the sebaceous follicle. That is why it is imperative to operate on several fronts at the same time in order to open the pores, cleanse the skin and destroy the bacteria. People who have been suffering from acne for years are now displaying perfect skin and enjoying living without troublesome red spots and blemishes.

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